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Dr. Stella Immanuel

Join us September 23-25 in Richmond, Indiana at Gateway Church and the Voice of the Patriots as we host Dr. Stella Immanuel. When very few doctors stood up against the […]
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Want a JOB, without the JAB?

Are you stuck trying to make a near impossible decision? Take these 20 years at the job and shove them, or Take the Jab that I don't want to do? […]
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This Will Protect Your Loved Ones if They Have To Go To the Hospital due to Covid-19

Are you like alot of Americans right now wondering what will happen to you if you are admitted to the hospital with Covid-19? Here is a video from Dr.Arvis showing […]
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Wayne County Health Department Ignores ALL 12 Questions Submitted by Voice of the Patriots Collectively

As a group we put together a list of questions to ask the Wayne County Board of Health at their "open to the public Q+A session last night. Here is […]
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If you still support the jab after watching this, prayers be with you.

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