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Wayne County Health Department Ignores ALL 12 Questions Submitted by Voice of the Patriots Collectively

As a group we put together a list of questions to ask the Wayne County Board of Health at their "open to the public Q+A session last night. Here is a list of the questions. "This is the list of questions submitted to WCTV In Focus program "Ask the Doctors".

These questions were avoided or ignored by all involved with program.

1. Are Reid providers permitted to prescribe any early treatment? If so what?

2. Are Reid providers permitted to prescribe ivermectin or Hydroxychlorine protocols if the patient wants to use them?

3. Do Reid providers prescribe budesonide nebulizers as out patient treatment?

4. Knowing now that Remdesivir causes toxicity to the kidneys and liver, are you still prescribing it to in patient setting?

5. Aborted fetal cells were used in the production and testing of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as well as Monoclonial anti-bodies or aborted fetal cells are in the final product of the J and J vaccine. As a Christian, how can one rectify the injection of these products into their body?

6. If the patient comes into the ER with their own protocol of care with a POA to show prior to any intervention that would deem the patient unable to choose, will the POA with the patient plan be enough for the hospital to respect patient wishes.

7. What are the side effects of the COVID vaccine?

8. What has the adverse effects Reid was seen from taking the vaccine?

9. What amount of improvement has to been seen with COVID before mask requirements are dropped at Reid facilities?

10. Given cloth masks, including the N95 mask don't protect you from virus particles because viruses are 100 times smaller then what the mask can protect you from, it says on the back of the box "it won't protect you from any disease", and multiple studies for decades have shown they are not to be used for viruses.Plus, we have seen multiple studies over the last 18 months that show they are very harmful, such as increasing cavities in kids in 2020 by over 50% and causing pleurisy and a whole host of other inflections, why would you have mandated a mask that the science shows causes harm?

11. Given Remdesivir is proven to be one the the most toxic dangerous drug on the market per NIH site, it actually damaged the kidney and cause water on the heart and lungs and you drown. Why use that when we have proven treatment protocols that are safe like ivermectin, which has been given out 3.8 billion doses and no deaths. It was been used for decades by people for viral issues and for cancer successfully. Knowing Budesonide delivered via nebulizer in saving peoples lives, like it did mine, why not prescribe ivermectin and Budesonide and use the FLCCC doctor proven protocol?

12. Why aren't you providing all the serious side effects before giving someone the COVID vaccine such as Thrombosis, heart attacks and strokes. You have a CDC scientist who have signed an affidavit under penalty of perjury stating the CDC purposely has held the real data and she states in that affidavit that 45,000 plus people died in 3 days of the vaccine, why push something that is proven to be dangerous when we have safe protocols that will provide almost a 100% survival rate? As it is at a 99.8% survival rate.

What do they have to HIDE?????

Posted on September 24, 2021 by Voice Of The Patriots