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Want to try ivermectin prescription for covid-19 prevention or treatment?

About Susan
I have been an RN since 1986 and I received my master's degree in nursing from IU in 2004 as a family nurse practitioner. Then I worked in a family practice setting for a hospital system and got disenchanted with traditional health care.

I have been studying and applying functional medicine to help my patients find the root cause of their symptoms since about 2007. On March 6, 2017, I opened my own clinic, which was a long time dream of mine!

I have been following the research on the Front Line covid-19 critical care alliance (flccc.net) website closely and I believe that Ivermectin, along with other agents in their protocol prevents and treats covid.

I prescribe it because it is the right thing to do!

Covid prevention/treatment visits $150/30 min appt in office or virtual; I do not file insurance

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